Full Service Catering

We are where you want, when you want, and WE do EVERYTHING! We handle all of the cooking and serving using our own equipment. Our Full Service catering menu options allow you to choose per person or per pound (or slab) pricing. You choose the option best meeting your needs and budget. Our menu also includes choices for appetizers, desserts, and music.


You place your order in advance and we deliver! Delivery charges and restrictions may apply.

Pick Up

Simple as can be, you place your order in advance and pick up your party!

How Much Do You Need

When ordering smoked meats, a good rule of thumb is to order 1 pound of meat for 3 adults, or perhaps 2 adults and 2 small children.
(Buns and sauce are included.)

A slab of ribs will normally serve 2-3 adults or sometimes 2 adults and 2 small children. Ribs tend to go FAST, frequently running out!

A quart of slaw, beans, or potato salad typically serves 6 to 8 adults.

NOTE: When offering a combination of meat and ribs, many of your guests will eat a portion of each. In the case of ribs, people tend to eat them until they are gone! We can cut the ribs single bone to 4 bone pieces for you, so a slab could serve more (or less) people.