About Cowboy’s BBQ

Cowboy's BBQ is own and operated by Steve and Vickie Deal.
Cowboys BBQ
Steve and Vickie decided that they wanted to fulfill their life long dream of opening a restaurant.. so they did! Almost five years later its still here! It is a beloved place by the locals and travelers! People wait with anticipation for events held like “The Pickers Circle”. People come from all over to enjoy the comradery in merriment, music, and food! With Vickie holding down the kitchen and Steve keeping the customers happy they are definitely a force to be reckoned with!
“Steve Deal, affectionately known to his friends as Alpha Cowboy, is an inspirational force to be reckoned with and the very embodiment of the American dream. With the lofty goal of entertaining people, spreading happiness and filling stomachs he embarked on a venture called Cowboy’s BBQ. What has resulted is more than just your average family restaurant. Cowboy’s BBQ has blossomed into a cultural center where tunes are played, creativity flourishes, and friendships are forged.”